Returning: Chapter 45


As the night breeze blew, the empty hangers on the balcony clapped against each other. When her long hair was flung onto her in the wind, it was like a slap in the face, instantly pulling Zhao Yu’s thoughts back.

She already lost control once and took an uncalculated step with Xu Chengyan. Such a mistake can never happen again.

Turning her head back to look at Ji Sui, who was still drinking alone, she quickly mulled over Zhuang Yiqing’s importance to him and his value to the Zhuang family at the same time.

Zhuang Yiqing was his childhood sweetheart, and he has been guarding her silently for many years. Even if Zhuang Yiqing never liked him, no one can replace her dependence on him.

Moreover, he holds 6% of Lan Xi’s equity and is the largest ordinary shareholder of Lan Xi apart from Zhuang Yiqing’s father.

Whether in terms of money or affection, he was the best weapon to use against Zhuang Yiqing.

“Ji Sui.” Zhao Yu walked over and patted his shoulder lightly. Before he could react, she withdrew his hand, raised the bottle in her hand, and smiled at him, “If you want, this time I will drink with you.”

Ji Sui smiled and shook his head. “Forget it, drinking is no use.”

As she put her hand on his shoulder, a deep bone-chilling cold penetrated through the thin shirt. Watching her raise the bottle to her mouth, he caught it and stopped her. “You shouldn’t drink anymore either, it’s too cold and will harm the body.”

The small beer bottle couldn’t fit two hands, so his fingers covered the back of hers.

This time it was his fingers cold from holding onto the beer touching the back of her fingers which were slightly warmer and felt smooth and delicate to the touch.

She pretended not to notice anything was wrong, expression normal, but Ji Sui was taken aback for a moment, and he hurriedly withdrew her hand.

Zhao Yu continued to pretend he didn’t notice any strangeness, and smiled, “Fine, then I’ll stop drinking.”

Raising her wrist and looking at her watch, she found that it was still early, and spoke again, “I heard Sister Shi Yu say you play chess. Do you have it here? Shall I play chess with you? No, it’s more you playing with me. Anyway, the two of us tonight… should forget about all unhappy matters.”

Ji Sui was a little surprised. “You also play chess? Which kind do you want to play?”

“Whichever one, I know them all.”

Actually, Zhao Yu didn’t know how to play at all, but after hearing from Shi Yu that Ji Sui’s way of destressing was too monotonous and boring, she deliberately found out and learned it.

His study was an open space, and at one glass, you could tell it followed a formal and no-nonsense design. Even the books were mostly military-related.

After following him in, Zhao Yu asked casually, “You must miss your days in the army.”

Sui Ji took out the chess box from the drawer and said faintly, “It’s alright.”

At first, they played Go. Ji Sui chose the black tile and gave her a five-piece handicap, but it didn’t take long for Zhao Yu to lose.

In the second game, Ji Sui gave her nine pieces but Zhao Yu still lost very quickly. The chess skills of the two were as different as heaven and earth.

This wasn’t the result of Zhao Yu deliberately losing, just that she only learned a little bit, having any skill was out of the question.

Seeing her lose two games in a row, Ji Sui offered, “How about, in the next game, I will give you eighteen pieces?”

Zhao Yu hung her head down dejectedly. “Let me have so much, even if I win, what’s the point?”

Taking a deep breath, she said unconvincedly, “Change the type of chess, I will be proficient.”

Ji Sui smiled. “Okay.”

However, the result was still the same. In the first game, her king was won within ten moves. In the second game, Ji Sui took the initiative to give her two knights, and she finally managed to get all of her important pieces to the other side.

“Check!” When she yelled out, her expression triumphant, and most of the shame from the earlier losses was finally dissipated.

But as soon as she saw the smile on Ji Sui’s face, she immediately noticed something was wrong, and quickly reached out to cover the chess piece. “Will you let me take back the move?”

Her tone carried a bit of coquettishness, looking at him with a pair of round eyes, she looked like a pitiful little deer. Ji Sui smiled helplessly, “Yes.”

She happily withdrew the chess pieces back, staring at the chessboard for a long time before carefully moving a piece.

In this round, Zhao Yu finally won. She was naturally excited to no end and immediately gained confidence, clamoring for another round.

Seeing her happy look, Ji Sui chuckled slightly, glancing at his expression, Zhao Yu also laughed inwardly.

Although she didn’t learn much advanced chess, she saw this time that he could have taken one of her chess pieces. She pretended not to notice, and he pretended not to notice either, and let her go.

He was deliberately letting her win.

Ji Sui rearranged the chess pieces on the board once more, while Zhao Yu poked a watermelon from the fruit plate and brought it to his mouth naturally. He subconsciously opened his mouth to eat it but when his lower lip accidentally touched her fingertips, he suddenly realized how intimate this behavior was.

He looked up at her in a daze, only to see that she had bowed her head to seriously helped him rearrange the chess pieces. Obviously, the behavior just now was accidental, and she didn’t find it out of the ordinary.

Using her left hand to put the last red piece back to its starting point, Zhao Yu used the toothpick in her right to put a piece of watermelon into her mouth, and said muffled, “I still want to go first.”

The enemy’s chess piece had moved, but Ji Sui was not in a hurry, his eyes lingered on her delicate lips.

The toothpick she put in her mouth, was the same one that had been put in his mouth just now, and he even accidentally touched it with his lips.

But at that moment, she put the last bite of watermelon that was as red and moist as her lips into her mouth and kept the toothpick there.

In the third game of chess, Zhao Yu won narrowly with Ji Sui’s help.

She regained confidence after winning two of three games and was so happy that she danced like a child, threatening to try military chess. Ji Sui naturally humored her.

He was a little curious. “Nowadays young people have online games and don’t know how to play chess. I learned from an old captain in the army. How do you know so much?”

Zhao Yu randomly lied through her teeth. “When I was young, I learned from the grandpa that lived next to our house. My mother has to go to work every day and didn’t have time to be with me. Other children don’t like me, so I can only play with a few grandpas and grandmas.

It’s a pity that no one around me can play these games, even Xue Ziang says it’s boring. If I hadn’t heard Sister Shi Yu say that you are good at all kinds of chess, I really thought I could only play chess with my gray-haired grandparents. “

Ji Sui laughed. “I didn’t expect to meet such a young chess player, and a girl too.”

The two ended the chess game and chatted for a long time on the sofa. Zhao Yu shared some anecdotes from her childhood with him and Ji Sui also told her the story of what happened in the army. Unknowingly, it was already deep into the night.

Ji Sui asked her to rest, but when he came out of the bath, she was asleep on the sofa holding her mobile phone.

Compared to the sorry state she was in when she first came to him today, she was now much better with blood on her face and a faint smile on her mouth.

He took a blanket to cover her, carefully helped her adjusted her position to let her sleep on the sofa for one night.

But when he picked up the remote control to turn off the lights, he looked at the hard and narrow sofa, thought about it, and walked over again, gently picked her up, and carried her to the big bed in the guest bedroom.


A/N: The innocent, upstanding man meets the green tea bitch, tsk, feel sorry for Ji Sui for two seconds…

T/N: I really like the flirtationship period /sigh/ it’s the sweetest part of the romancing.

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4 thoughts on “Returning: Chapter 45

  1. I still like Shang Lu best for Zhao Yu. But I now like Ji Sui best for me. 😭😭 he’s just so sweet? I feel like he’s the most stable & potentially Best Hubby Material atm.
    …Though, tbh, with how easily he fell for Zhao Yu’s tricks, idk if I’d be able to trust he’d stay mine. Is it that he’s gullible, or that Zhao Yu is just that skilled?? Also, if Yiqing is as bad as she seems, Ji Sui might just have terrible taste in women. 😥

    Thanks for the update!

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  2. Although I think Ji Sui is currently the best ML, I think that some other unrelated guy might be best for MC? She always has a façade so I don’t think these guys like the true her. It would be quite funny if everybody just got dumped in the end.
    Anyways Ji Sui was nice for letting her win 😃
    Thanks for the chapter x

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